3 Facebook fan pages capitalizing off Dallas Cowboys fan's misery


Barry Gipson



The NFL just raised its salary cap to over $250 million. More money. The league is currently worth $163 billion. That’s a lot of money. One thing is for certain. The numbers will continue to elevate. In addition, NFL fans from the “Other 31” are cashing in at the Dallas Cowboys' expense especially when they operate Facebook fan pages.

NFL Memes and Randy Oliver laid the blueprint for NFL fans including myself. Not every Cowboys Facebook fan page is run by Cowboys fans. How else could Jerry Jones scale an NFL franchise to worth $9 billion without winning a Super Bowl in 30 years? Everyone on social media is posting about them. Good, bad, or indifferent.

Here are 3 Facebook fan pages capitalizing on social media engagement at the expense of Cowboys fans. Fan Base Creators from the “Other 31” have figured out the method to the madness. Why is it taking Cowboys fans so long to capture this concept?

I chose to go against the grain when I began creating content for Cowboys fans in 2016. It’s easy to talk shit about my team on social media. It’s very trendy. We are outnumbered by those who hate us versus those who love us. Relax and take notes.


Dallas Cowboys HATER Nation

This Facebook page has nearly 100K followers. Think about that. It took me 3 years to eclipse the 100K follower mark. Memes are a form of currency that continues to provide returns. Everyone loves memes on Facebook. Remember how I shared that NFL Memes laid the blueprint?

In addition, there is a branded YouTube link in their profile. 31 other fan bases hate the Cowboys and our fans. This makes it easier for your content to travel on the platform. A creative Facebook fan page. When it comes to unique videos. It’s most likely run by a fan from the “Other 31.”




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