30 minutes of FREE GAME for NFL fans who want to write on Medium

How a Facebook direct message led the Upstate Cowboy to Medium to share his passion for America’s Team

Barry Gipson


30 minutes of Medium FREE GAME for NFL fans who want to write
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Organic Content Is The Best

Things escalated rather quickly tonight in my Facebook direct messages. Most of the time I spend there is dodging fake pages trying to steal mine. That’s another story for another day. Let’s just call this direct message a stroke of ‘Good Fortune.”

As a Fan Base Creator creating content can become challenging. Take for example my goal of writing 1 article a day on Medium this NFL season. It currently stands at 102 articles out of 106 days. Then came a boost of inspiration in my Facebook DMs.

Brad had sent me a DM earlier today, but he knows the fortune is in the follow-up. This evening he followed up and caught me at the right time. After a few exchanges, he offered to connect on a call with me. That next 30 minutes led to him getting started on Medium as a writer.

Organic content is content that’s created and distributed without paid promotion or advertising. Brad has followed my content and watched my LIVE broadcasts on Facebook. In addition, he read my work here on Medium.

The Art of Consulting

In Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill shares that in order to attain something you must first be willing to sacrifice something. My Facebook page Built Differnet Group was built to expand. For example, I provide 30-minute FREE consultations in my About section on Facebook.

When I began creating content for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016 I didn't think I would ever get into consulting. Never say never, right? After 100’s of published articles on Medium, Official America's Team, and LinkedIn one finally caught another eye.



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