4 things every Dallas Cowboys fan must do at a home game

Are you traveling to a Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium? Learn how to ball on a budget with number 4.

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While creating your plan to attend a Dallas Cowboys home game this season include these 4 things on your to-do list. Since 2016 I have traveled to AT&T Stadium from Seattle and established a “Boots On Ground” network. In the process, I’ve compiled 4 things you must do on your first, or next trip back to AT&T Stadium if yet to complete already!

1. Rally Days Saturday

During the 2019 Season, I was fortunate to take my sons Bryce, and Bryant to Rally Days before we watched Dak Prescott own the NY Giants again 35–17 for the home opener. You can accomplish a few things on Saturday before the game. I recommend this mostly because of the tour of the locker room, Miller Lite Club, and the press room with the podium!

My sons Bryce (L) and Bryant (R) were pictured with me in front of Ezekiel Eliott’s locker during our Rally Days tour together. Football is family!

2. Tour The Star in Frisco, TX

Touring the DC World Headquarters in Frisco, TX during your stay is a must. It's a 91-acre headquarters and practice facility of the Dallas Cowboys. A football palace! It is rich with Cowboys history and full of Jerry’s quotes throughout the building. Learn why they have a grass field and a turf field. Shop at the Star Pro Shop on the campus, and now you can even lodge at the Omni Frisco Hotel. Touching the Star at The Star was my highlight.

3. Tailgate Before Games

The link above is for the official Dallas Cowboys Tailgate provider 411. I haven’t experienced this one to date, yet. On the other hand, tailgating with fans who arrive at midnight before gameday to secure a parking lot location is normal behavior for “Cowboys Life Family.” Who will I tailgate with this season? You guessed it, “Cowboys Life Family” at LOT 11—home of Big Val and the infamous BIG VAL CUSTOM HAT gang.

BIG VAL and I were at the Pro Football HOF meeting for the first time in 2021.

4. Walmart Budget Balling

Don’t waste your money at the PRO SHOP at AT&T Stadium. If you’re like me I like to ball on a budget. Walmart just across the street from the stadium is where you can spend $200 and feel like you took a KING’s ransom worth of Dallas Cowboys merchandise in the process. I have attached my YouTube video below as I took a tour right as they opened at 7 AM on Gameday. Go to Walmart. Take your coins and ball on a budget. I like to call it “Dallas Cowboys Heaven.”


I’m certain many of my diehards who might read this have completed this list already. Well, not all fans are built differently. If this is your first time this season I hope you get to do all 4!

Over the years my frequent trips to AT&T have afforded me the experience to share with you today a few gems I learned about along my way. I hope you enjoy your experience this season. Most importantly, you walk out of the stadium with a WIN. Humping an L back home hurts!

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Which of these 4 have you checked off your list? Are you heading to your first game this season at AT&T Stadium? Leave me a comment below and share what you plan to do while visiting! Now give me my Jason Garrett!




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