Aaron Rodgers shares Tom Brady was not talking about Dak Prescott's “Mediocrity”

Aaron Rodgers can give Dak Prescott his flowers but not our own fan base? The difference between IGNORANCE and HATE

Barry Gipson


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From The Outside Looking In

SiriusXM is the primary way I keep up with my Dallas Cowboys. Either streaming in the lab on my laptop or driving my children to and from their activities in the car. The 2-Minute Drill literally keeps me up to date.

News broke today of Aaron Rodgers giving Dak Prescott his football flowers. In addition, it clarifies that Tom Brady’s recent statement about “Mediocrity” in the NFL was not aimed at Prescott. Thanks to Mr. Rodgers.

I find this interesting because a great portion of the Cowboys fan base refuses to give Prescott his flowers. Either due to ignorance or hate. Hearing this today made me ask the question. Why is Rodgers sharing this now?

Last week news broke on the 2-Minute Drill about Rodgers potentially returning to practice. THIS SEASON? That’s another story. Why is he speaking on Prescott? Are we witnessing the NFL script unfold in front of our eyes? I think there is more to this story from the outside looking in.

The Difference Between Hate & Ignorance

Are you a Cowboy fan who feels some kinda way about Prescott? If that’s you keep reading. How is it that a fellow quarterback in the NFL is giving Prescott his flowers thus far in the season? But not you?

When you look up the definition of IGNORANCE it simply states the lack of knowledge or information. I often wonder which one it is when it comes to our fans concerning our quarterback.

When you look up the definition of HATE it is defined as an intense feeling or a passionate dislike for someone. More often than not many of our fans fit into this definition.



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