All I want for my 50th birthday is the Dallas Cowboys in Paradise next February

The difference between a dream and a goal is a written down plan on Medium

Barry Gipson
4 min readNov 30, 2023
Want to help me reach my goal of 200 FACEBOOK SUPPORTERS to get to celebrate my 50th birthday in Las Vegas, NV? Reading is FUNdamental.

My Ambitions As a Writer

In August of this year, I was feeling a bit ambitious. Of course, every year Dallas Cowboys fans come in saying “It’s our year.” Why would this one be any different? I have my 50th Birthday coming up next February. It would be nice to see America’s Team in the very first Nevada Super Bowl.

I know the power of writing your goals down. I applied it for 23 years while in the United States Navy. I’m doing it this NFL season too. I knew I wanted to be in Paradise, NV next February. Regardless if the Cowboys want to give me my slice of birthday cheesecake.

Asking for things from others is not in my nature. Unless it’s to turn on your notifications on Facebook. Other than that virtually nothing. Can we celebrate my 50th birthday together next February?

Do you still feel “It’s our year” heading into December when Dallas really needs to dominate to get to Sin City? This is why the “Other 31” NFL fan bases and I cannot relate. It’s our year every year until it’s not.

Only 1 NFL team will get to eat the cake next February.

Cherry On Top

Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is. Just like going to the gym won't develop muscle just taking selfies unless you actually RAISE THE BAR. In addition to my LIVE shenanigans on Facebook, I wanted to incorporate my ambitions as a writer on Medium in the GYM.

A handful of you have begun following, reading, and clapping here. Thank you. Most Cowboys fans don’t read. I knew this back in 2016 when I first began blogging about Cowboys Fans. Reading is FUNdamental.

Another handful of my SUPPORTERS are now discussing traveling and setting up shop for Super Bowl 58 next February. I love SMART NFL fans. I learned about the power of a mastermind in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

My goal was to be there regardless of the 2 teams playing. I want to make NFL history. You and I can make history together. My plan is to take all my SUPPORTERS on a virtual tour next February.

My 50th Birthday would just be the cherry on top.

Another “First” will be made this NFL season

How Can We Make History Together?

December will make or break this mission for us both. I need your help. Teamwork makes the dream work. The beautiful thing about social media is you can vicariously experience events like Super Bowl 58 next February.

I believe in taking care of those who take care of me. Together we can both experience this event virtually via LIVE broadcast. Only a select few will be fortunate enough to see this with their own eyes.

Just like Dallas needs to Dominate in December we need to dominate the SUPPORTER count from 88 to 200. If we can achieve this by the end of December you can count on both of us being in Paradise next February. I think I have cracked the NFL script for 2023.

Matter of fact I’m sure of it. Are you on Facebook? Now is the time to become a Built Different Group Green Badge SUPPORTER. It would be the ultimate 50th birthday gift to be able to spend it together with you in Paradise on February 11th, 2024. Help me get to 200 SUPPORTERS.

Tap the link, and become a SUPPORTER. This story is a moving target.



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