Be careful which alphabet network you SUBSCRIBE to

It’s called TELEVISION PROGRAMMING for a reason

Barry Gipson


Television programming means a long- or short-form narrative production of a television series, television mini-series, or television special that is intended for commercial broadcast.

Streaming changed the game for subscriptions

While I was employed with Comcast as a direct sales representative in Gig Harbor, WA I began to pay more attention to how alphabet networks did business. While conducting sales calls in living rooms not only did I have to know my competition I also had to know my audience.

Going door-to-door selling cable subscriptions requires a special skill set. Especially for Comcast. In 2017 their reputation was still in the mud. The word “Streaming” began to become more familiar to my audience. Instead of TV subscriptions they preferred high-speed internet to consume their content desires.

Growing up as a kid if you had CABLE it meant HBO and Showtime. Do you remember going to sleep while the TV watched you? Waking up past midnight to see the TV all blurry? Now your programming is like Drake, non-stop around the clock.

I began to follow the money with networks and discovered a trend. Consumers did not like the “Broadcast” fees associated with their cable subscriptions. Beyond that networks spend big money to PROGRAM their audience. This is exactly why you need to be careful who you subscribe to.

The copy-and-paste narratives

Have you noticed when you hang around friends or family you pick up their lines? Especially when it comes to the NFL. You repeat bits of 411 you grab to support your views and philosophy during discussions on social media. Networks do this with you and me. It’s what I call the copy & paste narratives.

Since 2016 I have been building and cultivating an audience of NFL fans on Facebook as a Dallas Cowboys fan. During those 3 years with Comcast, I got familiar with networks and how they did business. I knew the streaming revolution was coming and went to work as a Fan Base Creator.



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