Cooper Rush fills the perfect role for Jerry’s Trey Lance “Trade Bait” campaign

Dak Prescott does not play in the pre-season, remember?

Barry Gipson
3 min readJun 6, 2024
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Champagne Campaign

June is Men’s Health Month and tonight I want to share why Jerry has Cowboys fans fooled with his Trey Lance NFL “Trade Bait” campaign. This is how Jerry Jones has the Cowboys valued at over $9 billion. He’s playing in front of our faces with players in the media. The definition of ‘Trade Bait” is something you don’t want but other people want a lot.

July 23rd the Cowboys will report to Oxnard, CA for training camp. Their first day of practice looks like the 25th. With that next comes Jerry’s “QB Controversy” campaign. We both know he loves a healthy men's QB competition in Dallas. Reference the Cooper Vs Dak scenario previously.

Rush has one year left on his contract, counting about $2.9 million against the Cowboys’ 2024 salary cap. Dallas could save most of that, $2.25 million, if they had released or traded Rush this offseason. Currently, Jerry has…



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