Dallas Cowboys fan Kountry Wayne gets his own Netflix special

Barry Gipson
2 min readSep 20, 2023

How a Dallas Cowboys fan and father of 10 leveraged social media heat to pop a stand-up comedy special on Netflix

Kountry Wayne  Netflix Jesus is Poppin Comedy Stand-Up
Wayne Colley grew up with aspirations of becoming a super-star rapper, however, those ambitions quickly changed when he posted a video to Facebook in 2014 and became a viral sensation overnight.

The Popcorn Effect

I once heard Paul Wall from Houston Texas explain the “Popcorn effect” in relation to his rap career. When it comes to Kountry Wayne from Millen Georgia however many Dallas Cowboys fans are familiar with his after-game rants and skits shared on social media. I watched his new Netflix stand-up comedy and wanted to share my reactions with you here.

The “Popcorn effect” he shared, let’s say for example 3 potential comedians (instead of rappers) start out on social media all at the same time. The first one that is usually the hottest pops first. In 2014 Kounty Wayne popped on the social media scene by going viral.

Explaining more in detail on stage how he leveraged the virality of his content into a legit comedian contract. He immediately quit his previous career of selling drugs with his father who caught a 4 year bid. Stemming from 2016 to 2020 as a result of their business entanglement. His father is out of jail now and works with his son which was a feel-good story altogether as a parent.

The Moral Of This Story

Never once did he mention his fandom for America’s Team during the special which is surprising. I understand why maybe he didn’t though. His Cowboys man cave is where many of his skits go down like above. It was interesting to learn more about this father of 10 and how he manages, to keep it all together in such a short period of time.

He also shares how he believes his Grandmother’s curse from Thanksgiving is a result of Jesus manifesting his success as an entertainer. Hence the “Jesus Is Poppin” chain he wears. Count your blessings, everyone.

Kountry Wayne’s blessing has taught me the moral of this story. Stay in the social media microwave long enough and eventually, you will pop. Paul Wall is a well-known Houston Texans fan and had nothing to do with this article except for it’s concept.

Kountry’s Cowboys content was just one aspect of his total body of work. In this Netflix stand-up, he was telling us all his personal stories about a Woman’s Prayer. Check it out NETFLIX here. Dallas Cowboys fan? Follow me for more on Medium this NFL season.



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