Follow the NFL Interception leader after WK12 via Statmuse

How the Philadelphia Inquirer influenced its readers out of their hard-earned money with the ultimate Dak Prescott “Sucker Bet”

Barry Gipson


A perfect example of how the media will influence you emotionally to make decisions financially when betting on the NFL.

I Keep Receipts

When the NFL season kicked off everyone was betting that Dak Prescott would lead the NFL in Interceptions. Especially after tying the league lead last season. Even after missing 5 games. How is that working out Philadelphia Inquirer?

After 12 Weeks, the Statmuse leaderboard looks a lot different than it did last year. Especially when it comes to Prescott. Don’t you find it funny how none of your favorite alphabet networks are not putting Dak and Interception in the same sentence any longer?

The juice the Dallas Cowboys attract in the media is on full display this season. Not for interceptions, however. Imagine the NFL placing a player on the cover of MADDEN who could potentially lead the league after the regular season in Interceptions.

The Buffalo BIlls are currently 6–6.

Playing With Your Emotions

Prior to the season kicking off while conducting research I discovered an article via the Philadelphia Inquirer. On one hand, you have to give them credit for the ability to tap into your emotions as an Eagles fan.

On the other, it’s funny how many took the bait on this ‘Sucker Bet” when it came to Prescott’s potential Interceptions this season.

That’s how this works. NFL Overreaction Mondays. The roller coaster of parity in the NFL is at an all-time high. DraftKings, an official betting sponsor of the league offered an over-under on Prescott with 13.5 Interceptions this season.

He currently has 6, after 12 Weeks.



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