From the Evergreen to Sunshine State standing on HEIR business

Chasing National Championships In December

Barry Gipson


Heir Sports Academy was created by Super Bowl XLIV Champion Reggie Jones. Before creating this academy Reggie played 5 years professionally with the New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and Ottawa Redblacks. Reggie is passionate about youth which is why he speaks at conferences around the country on youth development. Reggie also founded Rise Football Academy before deciding to put all of his resources into HEIR. Making HEIR the premier football academy in the Pacific Northwest.

Hello December! ’Tis the season where it's better to give than receive. This is another Supporter Saturday exclusive. For the next week, I will capture my thoughts while traveling from WA to FL. My son Bryce currently plays for Heir Academy Sports. Currently run by Super Bowl Champion XLIV CB Reggie Jones (Saints), and founder from Bellevue, WA.

Coach REG had a brief stop with the Dallas Cowboys from 2012–2013. This is what makes this neat for me. Over the last few years if you’re friends with me on Facebook you’re familiar with Bryce’s journey and Heir already.

This weekend we are traveling to the Sunshine State for the American Youth Football Championships in Naples, FL. This is a special treat for my Facebook Supporters in terms of content. Especially if you bought popcorn for Bryce’s fundraiser in September that sent him to Los Angeles.

Over the next week, I will share “Exclusive Content” on this trip. I will be sharing my experience and thoughts here on Medium daily to stay in the gym publishing 1 article a day minimum this season. Exclusive videos and photos will be shared in our SUPPORTER Facebook group.

Boys Flying South For The Winter

It’s rainy and cold in Seattle per usual this morning. While 30k feet in the air now I sit and type this ready to publish when I land in the Sunshine State. The current weather in Fort Meyers is 80 degrees and clear skies. Talk about a change of scenery in December.

Bryce and I are experiencing this together for the first time. This spring we knew HEIR was the premier program for his journey after conducting some due diligence.

Never once did it cross my mind he would be playing for the title in his first season at 13 years old. HEIR has set our GPS accordingly. Last night we received news instead of 3 games for the win now it’s only two.



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