How cannabis industry “Game of Strains” will be the next big thing

Barry Gipson
4 min readDec 25, 2020
The Cannabis Cowboy is a seasoned cultivator brand located in Colorado. Official America’s Team is a brand of NFL fans built differently as a result of the 2020 pandemic. Two guys 2 brands one mission in the name of the “Game of Strains.”

Prepare 4 Takeoff

Thank you for flying with BG airlines today. Our destination where only a few will arrive during the pandemic state of things.

Let’s take a flight today out of reality to where I like to call my 30k Foot view. Shall we? Where I always pick up nuggets I discover about the cannabis industry, and like to parachute back down to share with you here.

As we commence take off today ensure your seat belt’s buckled. For many, it could be a bumpy flight. Not all passengers are “Woke” to the cannabis industry movement. New passengers here please pay very close attention.

There are only a few select passengers on this flight that will arrive at our ultimate destination named “Vision.” Right now there are cultivators in legal states planting their seeds within this budding industry. Im talking to you.

Many of which are on this flight with us today. I like to call them “Early Adopters.” Check out my June 2020 flight vlog from the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the world below Craig. RIP Deebo.

Despite the holiday travel restrictions, like-minded veterans like us are noticing the opportunity to travel on the radar. Not just uniformed veterans either. Veterans in the money game who have access and capital to boot.

This is an example of why this flight has been dubbed the “Game of Strains.” Will it be the next big creative thing among veteran cultivators in America?

As veterans, we have the mentality to capitalize when we build shit differently as a unit. I’d rather have 10 people hooking 10% of the grouper than just 1 person doing 100% of the hooking. Watch for the hook on Square Groupers.



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