How I create story content from Facebook scammer DMs

I feel I must expose the scammer's DM behavior on Facebook.

Barry Gipson
4 min readMar 23, 2024
Social media is a Battlefield.


Just when I thought battling trolls on Facebook comments wasn’t enough here they come into my direct messages. Today I will share how to create story content from scammer DMs. Time is money. Invest it wisely. Answering DMs helps keep me sharp in messaging real fans, followers, and supporters on the contrary war-ready for the THOT-ful scammers.

Every day on the platform I block several profiles in my comments. When it comes to my DMs I have a new strategy. I am learning to flip scammer DMs into story content to share with my real fans, followers, and supporters. Why?

As a content creator who shares authentic content, I like to keep things organic. Nothing is more organic than a scammer on Facebook, yeah right. The first thing I do when I get a DM is visit the profile for an authentic look. Usually, the profile picture and name give it away. Right away.

These scammers are getting more creative though. Initially, I began to see them a few months back popping up in my comments. Engaging with my real fans, followers, and supporters. Asking them to become friends, or be the first 2 people to respond to their comment for 5 grand. Because…



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