How these 5 powerful tips will boost your door sales production

Want to increase your door-to-door sales production this year? Apply these 5 tips to absolutely become more proficient in your approach and strategy today.

When people ask what I do for work since retiring from the military they’re shocked that its actually door sales. It’s actually one of the most rewarding sales educations in the world to learn. Here are 5 tips that will actually boost your production at the door this year.

Get to “No” as fast as you can at the door

Door sales is not for the faint of heart. Rejection is a common occurrence. It’s also common for the unexpected to happen. Talking through doors and windows, getting the door slammed on you, and even bitten by dogs. True stories.

Fact is though most people are very polite. Time however is your biggest asset in the sales. Not spending too much time at each door allows you to knock more of them, and increase your sales production as a result. One of my biggest mistakes initially was wasting time with people who were not buying. Get them to say “No” fast.

Currently I spend no more than 10 minutes talking with prospects at the most “feeling them out.” as a Navy recruiter we called this “blueprinting.” Are they the decision maker, can they qualify, and are the showing any interest at all in buying?

Developing “warm sales” leads are critical in this process. Maybe no today, maybe yes on next visit. Usually after they say “No” fast, they’re more willing to talk with you because the pressure to buy is gone.

Make it your goal within 10 minutes to get to “No.” Build rapport, assess their current provider situation, and leave them with a great impression that you can build upon next time you knock.

I’ve failed so many times in my life that it taught me lessons on what not to do in order to succeed. 💯 #failure #success #determination #qotd #qoutes #opportunity #HTMYOK

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Learn to read buying signs fast at the door

Initially at the door my inability to get over the anxious part of what to say next clouded my ability to read critical buying clues. We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. To listen twice as much as we talk.

Not taking your time to listen and discover effectively can make you miss your opportunity to close a sale. After relaxing and listening more you pick these clues up faster, and can move the sale along more effectively.

Most of the actual sales education you learn is at the door in real time. Reflecting what you did wrong after the fact. What not to say at the next door as a result. How to increase your production is literally through these experiences. Once you can listen more effectively and pick the buying signs and clues up your will increase.

Stop selling and start influencing

A few weeks ago I took a deep dive into this topic. Understanding the difference between selling and influencing at the door is next level. Great sales persons help solve problems. Effective discovery allows more opportunity to position your product or service through influence.

If we cant discover opportunities during the sales conversation you will find yourself pitching and selling more than you are influencing. When people buy from your door pitching you might as well look at it as convincing them. 90% of all my door sales came after my initial knock. Huh?

Influential selling however helps to identify a problem more effectively, and solve it for your customers. Once they feel like your helping Vs selling the conversation becomes more genuine. Finally, knowing the big picture of your company, it’s vision, history, and mission and how to articulate it is also helpful to influencing them.

Have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plan in writing

Door sales can be a lot of fun. When your not stressed about your quota each month, and are executing a well put together plan sales come naturally. Fact is most door salespersons lack this key planning ingredient.

Simply hitting doors daily in abundance with no strategy will frustrate you more than anything. Having a well written out plan will allow you to execute tangible goals each day. These tangible goals will manifest actual sales. You’re desire has to be on fire to succeed!

Consider how many different ways you can generate leads and sales. For example; Knocking doors is only one prospecting method. How can you generate referrals? Callbacks? How is your social media strategy, or do you even have one? How do you brand yourself to separate from the competition?

Put together a well thought out prospecting plan for each day, week, month, and year to attain your desired results. Door sales can be like running your own business. Take ownership of your business today, and plan for success now!

Why the door sales fortune is in the follow up

Earlier on I mentioned 90% of my sales came after the initial knock. True story. The other 10% I most likely was invited in the home. Although I never miss an opportunity to close on the spot. Most of my production has came from leaving a lasting impression, and continually following up with my warm lead pipeline.

The best feeling in the world is when your phone rings, and someone you spoke with 7 months ago now wants to do business with you. I’ve even had a guy tell me no at the door within 2 minutes, only to call me back a week later to do business. When circumstances change people buy!

Always leave your contact information. Planting the seed is the first knock. Unless you can invited in initially. Watering the seed is in the actual follow up. Taking good notes to reflect upon, and remembering the small things can set you apart. Leaving a lasting impression with them because now they’re buying YOU!


Whatever industry you’re in you can absolutely apply these 5 tips to. Sales can be pretty similar across the board when you look at the “how to” and the elements within them. The only major difference is YOU!

Social selling is becoming the new trend, but rest assured door sales will never die. Although we live on our phones and buy more often on them people still appreciate good ole face to face business in person. Especially in the comfort of there own home.

Building trust through building your brand with potential customers is a constant message. Ensure you deliver it both in person and online. Never try to become something or somebody your not.

Authenticity is the key. If people feel your genuine, trustworthy, and you do what you say you will do, your well on your way to becoming more successful at the door.

Besides getting lucky will happen more often than not when you apply these 5 tips! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow my journey to $100k this year knocking doors with Xfinity!

What tips can you share not mentioned to keep the discussion going? Has any of these tips increased your production? Please leave me a comment below and I promise to answer each one!



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