Imagine a medical cannabis prescription window at the VA hospital

Barry Gipson
3 min readMar 3, 2022

The land of weed and home of the addicted

Medical Cannabis Veterans Military Mental Health Veterans Administration Hospital Medical Prescription Window
Imagine your next trip to the VA pharmacy and instead of taking a number for the opioid window, you opt for the medical cannabis window.

Driving up to the pharmacy window to pick up your medical prescription is a common practice for many retired veterans. Others may walk into the pharmacy at their VA hospital to get them filled or have them mailed to their doorsteps.

Either way, veterans are dying from the consumption and addiction of opioids. What can a veteran do? Keep reading to learn more.

Mississippi recently voted into law medical cannabis becoming the 37th state to do so. While conducting research it was interesting to learn that Big Brother has been conducting its own research on cannabis since 1975 through the University of Mississippi. Why did it take them so long to legalize then? How do we not have enough research on “WEED” yet?

If you’re a veteran residing in one of these 37 medically authorized states for cannabis I have good news. Veterans who are entangled with the VA can choose medical cannabis as an alternative without fear of repercussions.

Are you tired of driving up to the window and picking up the same kind of candy? Do you wish there were more “candy” alternatives to help with your holistic mental health management plan? I encourage you to do your due diligence. It could save your life.

Do like I did and start by getting your state-authorized medical cannabis card. I went to Marijuana Doctors on the advice of my mentor and did business with Holistic Evaluations. Fortunately my local dispensary Northwest Cannabis Connection became my home dispensary. If you prefer video watch my short video on how to get started on your card today.

As a veteran who drives thru the window to get my own candy prescriptions…



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