My 6-year Facebook tuition cost as a Fan Base Creator

There are hidden costs associated with every level of life you must pay the price for.

Barry Gipson


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Anything worthwhile takes sacrifice in every area of your life.


While scrolling Facebook on my government-issued Blackberry phone on my couch in San Jose, CA, I noticed a “Promoted” advertisement for a VA loan pull-up. My first thought was who and why is this here? This was in the summer of 2009.

TheFacebook was launched in February of 2004. In August of 2005, they simply changed the name to Facebook. While leading a team of Navy Recruiters in Silicon Valley during 2010 I had them incorporate the platform as a tool into their everyday use to achieve our mission.

After retiring in the summer of 2016 I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Facebook groups were becoming a thing among Dallas Cowboys fans. This is how the Official America’s Team concept hit me in the shower while in the thinking position that July.

To bring things full circle on Medium with you the path along the way has not been an easy one. Losing both parents to death in a calendar year, going to jail, and even being homeless for a few months. Content creation has saved my life on this journey with purpose for the last 6 years.

Facebook for me became a TOOL and not a TOY. After watching The Social Dilemma in 2020 during the quarantine I further understood the platform's psychology driven by those at the dials. Ever asked yourself why we are called “Users” on the platform? The technology that connects us also distracts us.

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Is social media really designed to become addictive?


I will be a Dallas Cowboys fan until they bury me 6 feet deep. Even if they never won another Super Bowl. Not every Cowboys fan who wears a jersey is married to this game like you and I, unfortunately. There are levels.

The Cowboys and its fans became my exclusive content in 2016 and Facebook was my platform of choice to share their stories there. The most followed NFL…



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