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Barry Gipson
4 min readSep 3, 2023
How FAN BASE CREATORS on Facebook can build a community through their TOP FANS with fantasy football.

How to build community with TOP FAN badges

Creators on Facebook can create a community through its TOP FAN badges. How does a follower get a badge? When you become a TOP FAN of a FAN PAGE on Facebook you are first given a choice.

After a notification that you’ve been recognized as a TOP FAN, you must do one of two things. Either ACCEPT or REJECT it. Facebook does not just “Give Out” these badges randomly. In order to get a notification, you must first engage with the content of that page to be recognized.

After my annual ESPN “Diversity League” was initially filled there was even more interest. Within my audience to create a TOP FAN league afterward. Today we conducted our draft and I want to share my reactions here with you. What I like to call “Show & Tell.”

Many of you reading these articles are in one of my three ESPN leagues. All created for my supporters and followers within my Facebook community. It boasts over 87k followers now.

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Staying Grounded Early

Sharing fantasy football advice for FREE is one thing. Following your own strategy you share is another. I recently shared my CONTRARIAN ground game strategy before my draft.

The NFL has become a “Pass Happy” league. I had to measure the KOOL-AID first. Like my guy Boss Cowboy would say. Instead of chasing QBs, WRs, and TEs in the early rounds, I kept it on the ground the first 4 rounds.

Tapping into my Will McClay state of mind was primary. I had the 3rd overall pick. As I moved through the first 4 rounds the KOOL-AID was getting too sweet.

A few things that stood out early. Both QBs Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts were taken in RD 3. Cowboys D/ST and bot QBs Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow going in the 4th RD. Dak Prescott RD 6. The QB trend literally showed me how the draft room would unfold for my next 2 strategies. I took Aaron Rodgers in RD10 for the win.

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The Handcuff Wizard of OZ

I shared with you previously about what a HANDCUFF is in fantasy football here. I began to place those players in my queue that I would be targeting as a result. I’m not just giving you lip service here. I take my own advice before anyone else’s in this game.

I took RB Tony Pollard with my first-round draft pick at number 3. I was very fortunate to have a high draft pick randomized with ESPN 1 hour before the draft kicked off. I was pleased to execute this strategy in my first of 3 drafts today. I CUFFED RB Deuce Vaughn in RD 7.

After drafting RB in the first 4 rounds I began to queue my target WRs. After completing the HANDCUFF it was time to unleash The Wizard of OZ. OBJ and Zay Flowers in Baltimore are appealing to me this season. I was able to pluck them in quick succession in RDs 7 and 8.

I wanted to really triple down on my double-up combo strategy between QB and TE next. After the QB hype in early rounds settled I grabbed the “Cowboy Killer” in RD 10, then his TE Tyler Conklin.

Here is the order of how I used my CONTRARIAN ground game strategy this season.

The Way Ahead

Join me here this season as I share my experiences from 3 of my ESPN leagues with my supporters and followers alike on Facebook. All three will provide me with the context to create content to share with you here on Medium this season.

This is the beginning! My goal is to not only create community on Facebook but here on Medium too. I love this platform for its ease of use and ability to publish quick articles like this one today.

In about an hour, I will be drafting again. This time my final ”Diversity League” which will be streamed live for reactions and more “Show & Tell” with you this season. be sure to tap in with me here and follow me on Medium today.

Fan Base Creators are everywhere now thanks to social media. Football is back this week and for the rest of the year and life is good! Here is one example of how you can build community with your TOP FANS! Be sure to follow for more.

HOW WOULD YOU GRADE MY DRAFT OVERALL? Leave a comment with your thoughts and don't hold back! I will respond to all comments!



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