Shut up and bubble NFL look at the NBA already

Barry Gipson
4 min readDec 5, 2020

Game Of Streams

As I sit in my unique position 42 miles south of Lumen Field I wanted to use it on Medium to create some thought. Pointing to a few things brought to my attention over the course of this chaotic year. To bubble or not?

When I became a Disney Plus affiliate last year through Impact I had not yet cut the cord. I almost lost that opportunity, but learned a valuable lesson In the process. Keep your third eye open.

With a year’s full subscription of misinformation and a lack of transparency to match professional sports fans have paid the price. Both in the pocket, and potentially with our lives. More on this when you continue reading below.

Of course I wouldn't share my views with you here first if I had not yet completed my due diligence. What’s funny was when I was actually an employee of Comcast at the time I became a Disney affiliate.

I truly believe big cable companies are in jeopardy of the “Game of Streams” we are approaching in 2021. When the NBA went to a bubble this year that is when the light bulb turned on for me. Walt Disney owns ABC & ESPN FYI.

What does this have to do with the NFL and the NBA in a bubble? Could the NFL duplicate this also? Is it easier to stream to a device than sit in a seat?

Photo Credit Game Of Zones

Game of Zones

I traveled to Dallas in Septemeber of this year. Just like I have for the previous 3 to attend the Dallas Cowboys home opener against the Atlanta Falcons. I was going to make history. I know the stream lanes and how to stream.

Making history last year was the most special of all enjoying the experience with my 2 sons Bryce and Bryant. We seen the Lakers beat up Portland later that December in addition. Truly blessed. Dame who?

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