Tad Prescott admits to only being a Dallas Cowboys fan for 9 years

3 things I learned from Tad Prescott’s interview with West Coast Cowboy & LandLord.

Barry Gipson
4 min readApr 12, 2024
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Since getting on the road Tuesday night heading for Bakersfield, Mike and I made a quick pit stop in the Bay Area. While in the gym this morning a few fans shared with me about an interview with Dak Prescott’s brother TAD on Facebook. After setting aside time to TAP IN and watch here are 3 things I gathered.

We all know the Jones family business is centered around the Dallas Cowboys. Currently, the Cowboys fan base is centered around Dak. Will he get an extension or have to TAP INto the free agency market next spring? Here is Tad summing things up for Cowboys fans hating on his brother.

“You have to be stupid as fuck if you think there aren’t teams that want Dak.”

This leads me to the first of three things that grabbed my attention during his interview with West Coast Cowboy and Landlord from Alabama on Facebook yesterday. Why do Cowboys fans think Dak sucks so bad that other NFL teams have no interest in him should he hit free agency?

If Kirk Cousins, you know the Cousin I don’t like, continues to steal money from NFL owners like his latest…



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