The one reason why I have my Patron’s download the Patreon app

Barry Gipson
5 min readDec 21, 2020
“Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power.”

We Are Built Different

The simple answer is because the more committed you are to a thing the less likely you are to quit it. In order to understand the value of this simple step, I will share how I came to this conclusion with a short story below.

When I created my Patreon in 2017 I would have never imagined I would be sharing what works or not there with you here on Medium. The beautiful thing is many of my Patrons now follow me here as a result of this mind shift.

Since 2016 I have been blogging about Dallas Cowboys fans during my travels from Seattle to South Beach with them. Many are also Patrons, and little do they know that they taught me the most valuable lesson during this journey.

This goes back just a few short years ago while I was working for Comcast. I still utilize all of their services too by the way. When I sold them door to door for 2 plus years I believed in the product and their apps religiously.

This is a great segway on what the Detail of the Patreon app does, and how it benefits both the Patron and creator when utilized effectively. The definition of Mamba Mentality.

Detail — From The Mind Of Kobe Bryant

The №8

Once I learned that the attention span over video content viewers on YouTube was about 5 minutes or so I knew my long-winded ass would be challenged to reduce my vocabulary as a result.

“According to a study by informED, many students, today are found to have an attention span of about 10 to 15 minutes long. Some studies say that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds, which is lower than the attention span of a goldfish” the LA Times recently shared.

Patreon creators have to be shakers and movers on social media in order to attract new Patrons with their content…

Barry Gipson

A Dallas Cowboys fan sharing Fantasy Football advice for the NFL 2023 season. A pivot in content.