The State of my NFL Pick’ems after 12 weeks

Be careful who you follow when it comes to weekly NFL picks. Your favorite celebrity might only be in it for the CASH.

Barry Gipson
3 min readNov 29, 2023
Is it just me or is everyone on social media now offering their NFL weekly picks? For the season I have a 63% win rate with my NFL picks. The proof is in the pudding.

Transparency Matters

During week one of this NFL season, I tested myself. After going 8–8 “Even Steven” I felt it was time. Creating content around the NFL is a challenge for a Fan Base Creator. This season I wanted to diversify my content. Adding a SPORTSBOOK feel to my content seemed to just make cents.

Once I started sharing my WK2 picks freely with my followers on Facebook I began paying attention to the likes of LeBron James, Ice Cube, and Darius Rucker chiming in on ESPN.

Sharing your weekly picks is an easy content grab for creators. Especially if you love the NFL like I do. After a little research on Google, I discovered a unique template on TemplateTrove that I could share with everyone to keep track of weekly.

After 12 weeks I am sitting at 110–70 overall. That averages out to about a 63% win rate. Not bad for a rookie this season. I was able to even win a local league with friends and family as a result.


I spend the majority of my time on Facebook each day curating and sharing NFL content. Especially surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite team. There are currently 89 Supporters that I go to work for each day.

This NFL season is teaching me to share my A-1 content with them more. Last week I made an in-season adjustment. To share my picks with them initially 24 hours before posting them publicly on Built Different Group.

Giving followers another reason to support my content this season. Even though I’m a rookie at it this year, next year will be even better! In any business, you must have systems in place to operate. This is one of them I developed this season!

I know. You’re likely saying I’m not paying BG to see his picks early. I will just wait until he posts them publicly. That’s cool too. The whole point of the matter is to take care of those who take care of you first!

Show me another Fan Base Creator on social media with this type of transparency. I’ll wait. New reader here today? Follow for more NFL content this season.

Here is a blank WK13 for you to start playing along with me this season.



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