The State Of The Union address on Veteran Suicide

“No, I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that I’ve seen,” the president said. “I’ve seen people with no legs and no arms.” POTUS on head injuries suffered by service members during Iranian Missle Strike.

Nobody does it better

What’s the billion dollar question among veterans tonight going to be watching the POTUS Donald Trump’s SOTU address? Will he mention the veteran suicide crisis we are facing right here at home on the beautiful streets of America? Will he actually drop the bomb on veterans tonight on national televison? You decide after reading this.

The Veterans Adminstration recently released it’s annual suicide numbers. In which every red blood American should be ashamed of. Each of us needs to do better for all of us this year.

The very first thing out of the POTUS mouth tonight should be in support of veterans during the SOTU tonight. Not just lip service either. How long must we be distracted by our nations OTHER Twitter liabilities before we make saving veterans lives a priority in this country? Speak from the heart, and show us you care.

The State Of The Union Address is given by the Commander In Chief annually at the beginning of each year. Informing our citizens about the economy, upcoming legislation, and other national priorities. Like veteran suicide.

Our POTUS is no stranger to controversy however. He is definitely not afraid to get in the muddy water of the swamp. What I would like to see from him is 2 engage with veteran suicide prevention and awareness leaders on Twitter like he recently did with the US Navy, and Navy Chief Seal Eddie Gallagher. Double barrel size shots.

The State Of The Union Suicide facts

Leadership is not likership, so I get it Mr. President. On the other hand what’s right is right. This recent report shows each and every American what our #1 problem is with veterans. Care. We are dying in the GAME as a result.

When politicians get on their box this election season asking for your vote, we must gunshot them with these hard questions. Double barrel style. Not just rattle some numbers off, and a few hypothetical ideas for programs once we cast our votes for you. Veterans are tired of your lip service quite frankly. No more little pew pew.

Do you think this country has a firearm problem? Yes, we damn sure do. To the point that 69% of veterans who actually committed suicide in 2017, did so with a firearm. BANG!

All the gun laws in the world will never stop a veteran from knowing how to get their hands on a firearm. We have connections with other veterans, plus we are trained to fix problems. Just not our own unfortunately. Mentally.

This same reports shows that a vast amount of suicides each year directly contribute to veterans with no established health care with the VA. What we must do first is walk through the doors of the VA like I did last May.

How America dropped Atomic Bomb’s on it’s veterans, and told them to keep it a secret. Bombs over Fremont. (Las Vegas News Bureau)

The Formula

Will veteran suicide ultimately become the focus of tonight’s SOTU? I doubt it. This is one of many issues our country must work through together on. In addition, work together 2 reduce overall suicide numbers this election season. This is what drove me to write an e-book “Bullet Proof” on Amazon Kindle this January. Music 2 Driveby.

Besides, based on our POTUS, and his history on the MIC he will likely get on his soap box tonight, and tout how the econmy has recovered. How many jobs his administration has created, blah, blah, blah. The truth of the matter is we have 18 veterans a day pulling the trigger on themself. Veterans first.

How do we even begin to fix this together? Not an impeachment process. It’s robbing more time from our collective efforts. Simply pick up your smart phone tonight and dial a veteran and talk for 20 minutes. Should our POTUS mention veterans or not. Let them know you care about them personally. That we’re actually worth more alive, than we are dead. Become bullet proof.

The current State Of The Union among veterans is suicide. At an un-Godly high rate. Write here on our streets of this beautiful country. Eighteen veterans each day are literally running to the VA, and shooting themselves in the process,; with a firearm. BANG!

“He told his girlfriend he was going to do it in the parking lot, so they could find his body, so somebody can pay attention to what’s happening, so other vets do not have to go through this,” she told the television station.




A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. I share my thoughts about medical cannabis via WA state.

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Barry Gipson

Barry Gipson

A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. I share my thoughts about medical cannabis via WA state.

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