The ugly truth about the NFC East everyone is ignoring

Barry Gipson
4 min readAug 30, 2023
THE NFC East division boasts a combined NFL-best 13 Lombardi trophies.


The proof is in the pudding. The NFC East Matters. It is the most successful, and most profitable division in the NFL since 1970 during the Super Bowl era began. Boasting an unlucky number of thirteen when it comes to Lombardi’s, however.

All the other divisions in the league wish they had these kinds of problems. Unfortunately, there is an ugly truth about our own that everyone seems to be ignoring. More Lombardi’s more problems.

There are multiple storylines developing in the NFL as the season gets ready to kick off next week. One GIANT storyline everyone is ignoring is that Dak Prescott has not lost to the GIANTS since 2016 with a 10–2 record according to Statmuse.

On September 10th the Cowboys travel to the Meadowlands in NJ in their opener Vs New York to kick NFC East things off. Is it me or does it always seem like the Cowboys and Giants play every year WK1?

Meanwhile, the reigning 2022 NFC East Champions from “The City of The Brotherly Shove” and the Washington Commanders will not face off until WK4 for both their initial division games this season.



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