This Dallas Cowboys' pack of animals resembles a modern warfare strategy

The NFL has an animalistic rise in the form of special teams operators for fantasy football owners this season

Barry Gipson


Micah Parsons Dallas Cowboys NFL Lion Defense Fantasy Football
Micah Parsons showing his inner lion after sacking New York Jets QB Zach Wilson on 1 of his 2 sacks in the game. Sacks matter in fantasy football. The Cowboys are tied with the lead with Commanders with 10 sacks after two weeks of play.

Defense Wins Championships

The Dallas Cowboys' Defense is on the hunt. Lead by the King of the Jungle himself, Micah Parsons, under the tutelage of Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn, AKA “General DQ.” When it came to all 3 of my ESPN leagues I was unable to grab this pack of animals. I witnessed them getting drafted in one league at RD5 this season. No lie.

Understandingly so under their current circumstances. As the #1 Defense in the league after 2 weeks their week 3 opponent in Arizona looks to be next on the menu for this pack of animals to feast upon. After leading the league 2 years consecutive in takeaways it only made sense. Adding CB Stephon Gilmore this defense is now seasoned to perfection. The Cowboys are cooking on defense and I know your lineups taste delicious as a result.

“Defense wins championships, but the Super Bowl is won by the quarterback.” Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Normally I draft my defense in the later rounds of my draft. Putting more emphasis on building depth at RB and WR prior to selecting. Those who went into their draft knowing this defense had ball hawks are high on the hog currently. I can smell what you’re cooking over there.

I hate the fact I was unable to grab them after winning one of my leagues with them last year as a result. I knew they were money, and apparently did all those in my 3 ESPN leagues with my Facebook community.

Navy Seals Special Warfare NFL Combine Defense
The NFL Scouting Combine; A Special Warfare Recruiting Experience

Navy Seals actually stands for Sea Air & Land

While on Navy Air Craft Carriers on active duty I was fortunate to work with SEALS when they embarked for deploymets. I was in charge of accounting for all their ammunition from C-4 sticks to .50RD caliber bullets.



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