When you see the Red “Xfinity” ballcap you know you're safe

Back in February 2017, I shared the first 5 days in my new career field as a retired military veteran with Comcast. Now please allow me to introduce myself informally through social media. This attempt is solely to create awareness of my presence in your communities, in terms of safety.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving many Gig Harbor, Fox Island, and Key Peninsula residents since my last post, and have helped to improve many families' lives with their home technology/ entertainment needs. I want to share with you what inspired this post, and why it’s important for both you and I to move forward together.

Why I felt compelled to take this approach

As a Puyallup resident since 2014, I have been a member of several Facebook groups here where neighbors and residents share thoughts, news, and other content related to their communities. Especially safety when it comes to strangers.

I have discovered Gig Harbor is no different. Along with the Key Peninsula, and Fox Island communities.

During a visit to a Gig Harbor resident yesterday, who is also retired military, I was reminded of something very important. Just because you look the part, does not always mean you’re the part.

My goal is to clarify that.

After the resident shared that he visited our retail store in Tacoma recently to verify who I am, he was given the info he needed for future reference. Upon the completion of our conversation yesterday about potential Xfinity services in his home yesterday, he shared that he actually did this.

I totally understood why. Not everyone who shows up knocking on your door is who they say they are.

When I verified the info given to him at the retail store (my tech ID #) he was relieved. Mind you I have stopped by his house several times in the last few months following up with him about our Xfinity services.

Now mind you I’m always decked out in Xfinity branded clothing, along with my Dallas Cowboys lanyard, and company badge attached to it that states, “Member since 2017.”

One thing you can’t miss is the “RED Xfinity Ballcap.” I purposely wear this for branding, and representation of my personal brand in your communities.

Here is a photo of me in action so you can know for future reference who your local Xfinity brand representative actually is.

Now that we have that cleared up

This is not the most ideal way to introduce myself, but I wanted to get this out on social media in your local community Facebook groups for safety first and foremost.

A few months back this same concern came up in my local Puyallup Facebook group. This individual however only asked those at the door about their “home security” provider and set up. It was later determined he was a fraud and sniffed out by brand reps like myself, and the authorities were notified.

Moving forward I plan to share my thoughts on Xfinity services here and make myself available to you through this medium. Customer service is my #1 goal while serving your community. Continuing to build the company brand and my reputation with all of you is very important to me.

I look forward to meeting you at the door soon and stay tuned for future posts here. I will be documenting my travels while serving your community this fall/winter for your education, and entertainment.

If you would like to reach out to me through other means feel free to call or email me. Contact info below.

I also welcome you to verify my professional credentials on LinkedIn in addition.

Look for the “Red Xfinity Hat,” and you know we’re both safe!

Until next time,

Barry Gipson

M. 253–242–0229

E. barry_gipson@comcast.com




A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. I share my thoughts about medical cannabis via WA state.

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Barry Gipson

Barry Gipson

A dysfunctional veteran with a keyboard on a medicated mission 4 veterans. I share my thoughts about medical cannabis via WA state.

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