Who makes your Dallas Cowboys MT Rushmore final four?

After further MT Rushmore discussion here’s my selection.

Barry Gipson
4 min readJun 13, 2024
Dallas Cowboys MT Rushmore Roger Staubach Tony Dorsett Emmitt Smith Tom Landry
If you picked any Dallas Cowboys Player, Coach, or Owner who would make your MT RUSHMORE? Photo credit Pro Football Talk.

Numbers Game

During our historical 133-Day NFL countdown yesterday I shared the MT Rushmore of 88’s among their Dallas Cowboys lineage. It was a no-brainer. Most Cowboys fans are familiar with Pearson, Irvin, Bryant, and Lamb. Wait, which Bryant? Dez. There were 2 Bryants after all. Who would make your final four names to create your Dallas Cowboys MT Rushmore?

CeeDee Lamb Drew Pearson Dez Bryant Michael Irivn Club 88
CeeDee Lamb, Drew Pearson, Dez Bryant, and Michael Irvin. The 88 MT Rushmore of the Dallas Cowboys.

After posting the 88 MT Rushmore on Facebook yesterday I enjoyed reading the many responses by fans. Some were very creative. Instead of players, you could create your Head Coach MT Rushmore which in this case you know Tom Landry would automatically be there by default.

Today we are 87 days away from the Cowboys kicking off in Cleveland. How about a TE MT Rushmore for the Dallas Cowboys? We know that Jason Witten and Jay Novacek would be locked in. Right? You could go on and on with any Dallas Cowboys MT Rushmore to your liking.

Now when it comes to all-time MT Rushmore, this is where things can get tricky. There are so many greats to name! One would think “Mr. Cowboy” would automatically be on the list. The first ever Cowboy drafted, and the first Cowboy inducted into the NFL HOF. Mr. Doomsday Defense. How could we leave him off? At this point, it's a numbers game.

Bob Lilly Mr. Cowboy Dallas Cowboys
You can't leave “Mr Cowboy” of the Doomsday Defense off your MT Rushmore final four. Can you?


Ok, let’s be honest can you leave off the GOAT? No, not Tom Brady he is not my GOAT, Emmitt Smith is the name. The all-time leader in rushing for the NFL? What? Is the King of the RUSH not on your MT Rushmore? He along with Bob Lilly form a great offensive and defensive tandem.

If I had to pick one QB I am going with the guy who served in the Navy. You know him as “Captain Comeback” and “Roger The Dodger” Yeah that guy. This guy goes from the ranks of the Navy around the globe to a Super Bowl Champion. He even threw that “Hail Mary” to “The Original 88,” Drew Pearson.

At this point, I have listed my all-time MT Rushmore final four. I even hit my son Bryce with the question on the ride home from football practice today. His response? Micah Parsons, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin. Well done kid I can dig it.

Who is my GOAT RUSHMORE? Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, and “The Original 88” Drew Pearson. Who makes your GOAT RUSHMORE? Leave me a comment below I would love to learn about them, and why! Learn about the 88 legacy Lineage.

Bob Lilly Roger Staubach Emmitt Smith Drew Pearson
Who makes your Dallas Cowboys final four MT Rushmore of all time?


Thanks to Club 88 this article was inspired in conjunction with fan responses on Facebook. I love it when the content creates itself. We are 87 days away from the Cowboys football kickoff in Cleveland. Not like anyone is counting.

The next time you hear an MT Rushmore discussion around the NFL ask a Cowboys fan who makes their final four. You might be surprised by the responses. I was proud of my son Bryce and his response. He lost me initially when he said, Micah Parsons but recovered nicely. A few more sacks in the post-season for the Lion before we crown him a King.

I wanted this article to remain public. This way non-medium subscribers can read this article and chime in their 4 names in a comment below. Who makes your list? Thanks for reading and don’t forget my Jason Garrett!

Are you a new reader here? Read unlimited articles of mine this summer when you get your subscription today. I do not get paid when you become a subscriber. I get paid when you read my work and clap or “Give me my Jason Garrett.” Are you ready to share your MT Rushmore final four? Leave a comment below. Let's keep the discussion going this summer! Shall we?



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