Why all medical cannabis cardholders are not created equal

Barry Gipson
3 min readJan 5, 2021
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Veterans Lost In Translation

A few months ago I received my WA state medical cannabis card. I had no idea how easy it was to get one as a veteran. Thanks to my show co-host The Cannabis Cowboy out of Denver within a week I was a card-carrying member.

Registered with the Department Of Health database now as a medical cannabis user as a result. There are many benefits to owning one. Like buying more product than a “Frequent Shopper” does in one dispensary visit.

Oh, and the ability to grow your own plants also is a pretty huge benefit. You would think now being a card-carrying member it should translate across state lines, right? Not so fast.

A Dark Winter Vacation

During my recent family trip to Orlando, I discovered during research that Florida is also a medical cannabis authorized state. Rolling up to Harvest Of Kissimmee last week in a Uber is when the pot finally hit the fan.

As I tipped my Uber before walking through their front door I felt a sense of relief. Although cannabis is not addictive like many seem to think it had been a few days since my last use at home in WA state. You know that feeling when you’ve missed popping a pill or two for relief? That feeling.

This is my only form of medicine to deal with PTSD and a major depressive disorder. As a veteran, it's crucial to medicate daily. Now I was finally going to be able to put this card to use. Right? Not created equally.

Horizontal Integration

After pulling my card to enter Harvest of Kissimme trailer located behind street facing traffic I was then directed to Miracle Leaf instead. A CBD…

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