Why these 12 NFL teams need to keep Dallas out of their mouths

This is a message for my diehards engaging in social media “TRENCH WARFARE”

Barry Gipson
4 min readMay 28, 2024
There are a total of 12 NFL teams that have yet to win a Super Bowl. Can you name them?


The Dallas Cowboys catch plenty of hate from the “Other 31” when it comes to not winning a meaningful game in 30 years. The funny thing is over a third of the league has yet to win a Lombardi. What’s even funnier these same 12 teams' fan bases keep Dallas in their mouth when it comes to NFL history. Closet fans of the Cowboys who failed NFL History 101.

I love this time of year for NFL fans. This is where battles are won in the social media trenches. The more you know the more you grow. Imagine if all 12 of these teams kept Dallas out of their mouths. Like I said, imagine.

Social media would get too quiet. Instead, they Google search Cowboys statistics to support their campaigns. Their teams have ZERO history of winning the big game. That’s why they can recite the Cowboy's history so accurately. They’re just closet fans of the Cowboys after all.

On social media right now there are NFL fans from these 12 teams in my Facebook comments showing their lack of football acumen. What’s more embarrassing is the arguments from fans for teams that have made the BIG GAME, and lost. Who remembers second place anyway?

Are you a fan of an NFL team that has yet to win the BIG GAME?


The goalposts get moved quite often when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Everybody loves to hate us. You either hate us or love us. There is no in-between. If the NFL didn't keep score what would these 12 teams' fans have to say then? Not much, becuase that’s why we keep score, genius.

Imagine a Dallas Cowboys fan flexing on one of these 12 teams after making it to a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott, and not winning. Does the name Jalen Hurts RING a bell? Eagles fans hang their hat on the fact their guy made it to the big game and lost rather than not making it at all. I’ve read stranger things in my comments.

One of these 12 NFL teams was founded in 1929 and became the Detroit Lions in 1930. That math yields a 94-year Lombardi drought. The second-longest drought in the league behind them was the Arizona Cardinals in 1920. That math yields a 104-year drought. But you’re worried about the Dallas 30-year drought?

As I stated the goalposts get moved quite regularly against the Cowboys. It's trendy. I’m willing to bet many Facebook fan pages hating on America’s Team are operated by one of these 12 team fans. It just makes sense.

How former Dallas Cowboy Dan Campbell brought GRIT to the Motor City


In other words, if your team has yet to win the big game keep Dallas out of your mouth. Understood? If I were a fan of one of these 12 teams I would be embarrassed exhibiting that kind of behavior towards the Cowboys within these social media trenches.

In just over 6o days the Cowboys will be reporting to Oxnard, CA for training camp. Are you heading there in August? I plan to take my son Bryce so we can experience our first camp together. In addition, take a first look at our “TRENCH WARFARE” operators Tyler Guyton & Cooper Beebe.

The moral of the story is over a third of the league has ever won the big game. Yet we see fans from these teams constantly reciting Cowboys historical facts & statistics better than our own. Which team are you a fan of again? Keep our name out of your mouth. Now keep scrolling.

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