Why we need to own “One & Done” Dallas Cowboys fans

Owning the matter is of utmost importance for the 2024 NFL season; here's why.

Barry Gipson


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Taking accountability with an abuser in an abusive relationship is the first step to recovery. After another “One & Done” post-season performance at AT&T Stadium this January the name is quite fitting. Get used to it Cowboys fans. Wear it with pride. Not every team makes the postseason. But when we do we’re “One & Done.”

Heading into this fall it's time we embrace the “One & Done” that the “Other 31” love to label us as. Where’s the lie? Well, in January 2019 I went from the DFW one week, to LAX the next. Just to lose the divisional round Vs Rams. Two seasons ago we defeated Tom Brady and then were embarrassed by the Niners in the divisional round the following week.

Outside of those seasons, we are what the record says we are. Notoriously known for bowing out in the first round it's time we take ownership. Wear the “One & Done” brand with pride this season. Accountability brings power with it to Cowboys fans. Own your shit!

Admitting to fault is the first step to recovery from an abusive relationship. Now it’s time to set BOUNDARIES with America’s Team next. How will you create yours, or will you continue to engage in this toxic relationship without them? The choice is yours.

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How to create boundaries with the Dallas Cowboys in 2024


Not every NFL team makes the post-season. Over the last 3 seasons under HC Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys have made it. Let’s start there. Many fans from the “Other 31” love to hate us for being one and done. When in reality they were never even one to begin with.

Owning your shit can be powerful. Stop allowing fans from these other teams to talk down to you on social media. Many of them have no leg to stand on. This is why misery loves company. When America’s Team loses the rest of the world wins.

We could sound like Niners and Eagles fans currently. The participation trophy fan bases. You know, they made it and didn’t score in…



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