How 5 articles helped contribute 23K Medium views over 5 months

Get Clicks or Die Writing Pt2; The art of getting blogged

Barry Gipson
5 min readJun 1, 2024
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50 Cent taught us how to rob. BG wants to teach you how to blog. It’s a copycat league.

Controversy Sells

I shared my Medium Get Rich or Die Writing results after 112 days last December with you for accountability. After averaging 1 article published daily per last NFL season, expansion is on the Medium horizon.

The theme? Less is more. We are now 5 months into 2024 and here are 5 articles that helped me reach 23K views. Compared to just 12.5k total views all during 2023.

Surprisingly Over the last 152 days I only published 92 articles. That averages less than an article per day. Experience is the best teacher. Consistently publishing over time is beginning to create new muscle.

During 2023 I earned a whopping $4.33. Five months into 2024 I have earned $21.85. I’m not exactly cracking the Medium bank vault here, but after this progress check, it's providing new ambition for a hustler.

I like to go to the GYM daily as a Fan Base Creator. Every day I get stronger and develop new muscles through experience with tools like CANVA to create art for my Medium articles.
  1. During January my best-performing article has controversy in the title. With the most polarizing position in professional sports. Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott. Controversy sells. 50 taught me that.

I am totaling thus far 1k views, 690 reads, and 56 Jason Garrett’s on this lone article. During January I totaled 5.3K views and 3K reads with 33 articles published.

2. During February I took a dip in both views and reads. Mainly because the NFL season concluded. The NFL Combine was at the end of the month. Then the Draft was in Detroit. Experience is the best teacher. How can the “Draft Whisperer” recover from the NFL’s failing grade?

I am totaling thus far 829 views, 558 reads, and only 7 Jason Garrett’s on this lone article. During February, I totaled 1.98k views and 1K reads with 30 articles published.

3. During March the grind became more challenging. It was getting harder to develop new muscles. This is where discipline and commitment entered the chat. With the Draft the next big NFL event in April I turned to Hall of Famer Larry Allen who knows how to raise the bar in the GYM.

I am totaling thus far 299 views, 153 reads, and only 5 Jason Garrett’s on this lone article. During March, I totaled 1.8k views and 856 reads with only 9 published articles. A challenging month for sure!

4. During April I saw BIG gains thanks to 2 articles. Jerry Jones is always in the media. His legal challenges helped garner many views thanks to a twist on words. It’s not what you say, it’s how you type it. And of course, a little imagery to add some controversial context. It was not my best article this month, but a TAD controversial. My top article saw 5.8K views here.

I am totaling thus far 3.5k views, only 417 reads surprisingly, and 35 Jason Garrett’s on this lone article. During April, I totaled 9.6k views, and 1.6k reads with only 11 articles published. Lots of new PLAN B muscle!

5. During May I wanted to flex some new muscles for the upcoming season. My summer body strategy is coming along. My goal for 2024 is to reach 50K views on Medium. In addition, I made this article FREE today for NFL fans with no Medium subscription consumption.

I am totaling thus far 1.3k views, 888 reads, and 41 Jason Garrett’s on this lone article. During May I totaled 4.97k views, and 1.4k reads with only 9 articles published. All 5 of these articles have contributed to over 23k total views over the last 5 months. Thanks to Facebook of course.

In Conclusion

Sharing these 5 articles and recapping the last 5 months of my Medium progress was eye-opening. I knew my views were increasing. That leads to new reads thanks to the help of social media and the definition of a Jason Garrett. I too pay a subscription to read unlimited articles here monthly. Here’s why you should too.

Do you want to begin writing about your favorite NFL team this year? Now is the time. I have written over 340 articles on Medium. 92 so far this year and counting. There’s nothing like having a workout partner in the GYM, right? The best part is you can start writing today for FREE.

Allow me to share my experience with you 1 on 1 this season as I expand my freelance consulting efforts on Medium here. Or, if you like to read my articles follow and subscribe today. I don’t know when my next progress report will be shared here this year, but it will. Stay tuned!

When you get your Medium Subscription you can read all my articles this upcoming season. I earn nothing when you get your subscription. I published this one FREE for all 32 NFL fan bases to discover. Not all articles will be FREE. They say if you’re good at something never do it for FREE anyway. My Get Clicks or Die Writing journey continues.



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